Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mel's Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Day at Melissa's

Melissa did a great job cooking her first Thanksgiving Feast! It was great! What a wonderful and relaxing day we had! We also got to video chat with Brian, Caila and Hudson for a little bit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting ready for Thanksgiving at Mel's

It was great, they let us off at noon today from work so we could start our Thanksgiving holiday early and try and beat some of the crazy traffic. This year for Thanksgiving we are going to Melissa's apartment to celebrate. This will be her first Thanksgiving feast in her own place and she is doing the cooking. Last Sunday most of the ingredients were purchased and the final few items were purchased today. It's going to be so fun and Kevin and I are really looking forward to tomorrow and the great feast that Melissa will be having!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Night Lights at Trabuco Hills Highschool

Melissa just sent this pic to me from her cell phone. Seems like Trabuco Hills made it to the play-offs and she ran into some old friends! Here she is with EJ and Carrie. E.J. was probably my favorite of Melissa's high school friends. I always new that if she and her friends were with E.J. then she was safe. No one was going to mess with Melissa with E.J. around. He gave me a lot of peace of mind. Just for EJ...."GO SOX!" :-)


Yeah, it's Friday and I'm so excited for the weekend! Kevin and Melissa are playing golf tomorrow morning (If she feels up to it) and then afterward Kevin will get his hair cut and then maybe they will go to lunch.

I plan on sleeping in until around 7:00 a.m. and then get up and make a fresh pot of decaf coffee. Saturday mornings are one of my favorite times. I can sip on my fresh coffee, watch any tevo'd television shows that I need to catch up on. I can putter about the house doing chores at a leisurely pace. Then I can mix in some fun stuff too, like working on the Guest Room/Nursery. We bought the crib mattress for the crib last week. We set up the same crib that Kevin built for Brian and Melissa. Now it is going to be the slumbering place for the next generation of Murphy grandchildren. The owner of the company where I work gave me a baby swing, a bouncer and a walker. I may see if I can also find a door hanging bouncer too. Hudson really loves the one they have now.

I just found out that Craig's, one of our new in-laws, ROTC team is competing tomorrow in Temeculah. So I am going to meet Chris, my other new in-law and we are going to watch the competition and then go to lunch afterward. It'll be interesting since I have never been to this kind of a competition. But I am the ultimate fan, I love to watch all kinds of competitions. It should be a lot of fun!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our kids have grown up!

It's hard to believe that it's been over 22 years since I worked at Texas Oil and Gas. What fun days those were. Kevin and I were in our 20's and starting our family. At TXO we had a young group of singles and newlyweds starting out and starting their families. Over the years I've been able to keep in touch and rekindle some of the friendships that we developed at TXO. Such friendships as Merla, Tammie and Clyde. It's been great to see them again and have lunch occasionally when traveling back to Oklahoma to work on our properties. Who would've thought 23 years ago that our kids would one day continue on the friendships that we started. Here is Cortney, Clydes son and Melissa enjoying getting to know each other while hanging out with her cousin Kandie and Kandie's fiancee Michael!

Grandma had such a great time!

It was so fun when I was in Hawaii with Brian, Caila and Hudson! Here we are hanging out in their livingroom. I was in Heaven holding Hudson. I just couldn't get enough. Caila would feed him and then it was up to me and his other Grandma to burp him. So fun!

One more day....

I'm so glad there is only one more work day this week! It's felt like an extra long week, probably because I know next week will be nice and short!

We watched The Office tonight, it isn't as good as it used to be. There still are some funny parts but not the knee slapping, roll on the ground cracking up kind there used to be. It's getting a little too weird.

Poor Melissa has been sick. I went by and fixed her some soup and crackers. It was the first she'd eaten all day. Cindy has been sick too. I wonder if they have the same thing? I hope that everyone that she's been around lately doesn't wind up sick too! That'd be a bummer.

So far, Kevin and I are fine! Yay! This weather is so crazy going from hot to cold it's no wonder that so many people are getting ill!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Cutest Little Grandson in the World!

I just got back recently from visiting Brian, Caila and Hudson in Honolulu. His other Grandma Chris and I went together ready to baby-sit as often as we could. We got in lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles and even a little bit of feeding him when his momma was away. What a little sweetheart he is. He is definitely the cutest and smartest baby I know! He is so strong and just loves to stand on his two cute little legs as much as possible. It was hard to leave and come back to California but we are eagerly awaiting their arrival in December to celebrate Christmas with both families! We'll even be getting the "4 Generation" picture with Great-Grandpa Murphy, Grandpa Murphy, Brian Murphy and Hudson Murphy!

The Murphy Money Pit

Thank goodness I have my family. I don't know what Kevin and I would do without them. They are the hardest working group that I know. Even after a hard days and night work we can still have fun singing "YMCA" to the old stereo that still works. Sometimes things don't always go along smoothly. Just when we get relaxed another whammy comes along. This whammy was in the form of a flooded kitchen, laundry room and den in our Oklahoma City house! Thanks to the great folks at the city water department we now are in the process of trying to fix the damage that was caused by water running for almost two weeks in the kitchen! They fixed the meter at the street and rather than leaving it off like we told them, they turned the water on. :-( Not good in a house that the plumbing needs a lot of T.L.C.! But, it's just one more thing to get to deal with at the Murphy Money Pit!