Saturday, April 19, 2008

The rest of the family and friends!

Camron, Dian, Trish, Willie, Amanda, Rick and Susie waiting for cake! (These two posts are a little out of order but I wanted to get pics of the family in too!)

More family and friends at Kevin's party.

Russ, Ritchie, Kirstin, Dad, Dave and Judith all here to wish Kevin Happy Birthday!

The Fence

Working to beat the rain! Kevin, Rick, Dad and Russ. Ritchie also helped but he wasn't in this picture. They are almost done and they did beat the rain, thank goodness!

Melissa turns 25!

April 15th Mel turned 25 years old! That night Daddy had to work late so Mel and I celebrated by having dinner at P.F. Changs and then after Daddy got home from work we had cake and ice cream. This was a "Golden Butter Cake" that I made and my gosh, it was good. And I don't really even like cake! Mel's big party with her friends is tonight.

War Games

When I drive to and from work I drive by Camp Pendleton in San Diego County. Every now and then you can see where they set up a tent city and are practicing their "War Games".

The lightening storm from the plane.

When we flew back to San Diego from OKC we barely made it out of OKC before a big thunder, lightening and hail storm hit. This storm had golf ball sized hail in it. Our plane took off and went around it to the south but we were treated to a really cool lightening show! I have some great video clips too!

Dad and Judith get in on the fun.

Dad and Judith are busy putting together a new work bench in the OKC garage. Good job!

Sisters-in-law massage train!

I would say the sisters-in-law know how to show the love!

Brother-in-law Love

It looks like Ricky is in the throws of ecstasy while holding Kevin when in actuality he is trying to play "Chiropractor" and crack Kevin's back. I don't think he was successful.

Kevin turns 51!

While we were in OKC Kevin celebrated his 51st birthday on March 28th. First everyone met at Swadley's BBQ, yum is all I can say about that and then we headed over to Cindy and Willy's for cake and ice cream. Cindy made Kevin's favorite, a lemon and white layer cake. This was the first time in years that we celebrated with our family in OKC.

MaryJo loves the new fence too!

Our next door neighbor, MaryJo was very excited to see the new fence up too. Now her little dog Cora doesnt' have to worry about being hit by falling wood when she is out in the backyard doing her business!

New Fence for OKC

Well at the end of March we flew to OKC again to do some more work on the OKC house. We had no choice this trip but to replace the east fence as the last storm had blown the old one to smitherenes! So now we have this nice new fence on one side of the house! We used metal poles this time so they won't rot like the wood does. This way if a panel needs to be replaced it will be a simple process. We had at one time 5 guys working on this thing! Kevin, Dad, Rick, Russ and Ritchie!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hudson - Freaky Feet little Surf Dude

Hudson has been having fun learning new things. His high chair (well really a low chair) works as a great place to practice getting his surf moves down so that he can one day go surfing with Daddy!